WNBA Chicago Sky vs. Seattle Storm June 15th, 2006

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1.jpg OK, here's the big city.
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2.jpg And here's the campus. Just a few minute ride on the L from downtown.
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3.jpg Yep, there's going to be a WNBA game here tonight!
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4.jpg Note to self: bring lots more camera stuff next time. These well-dressed ticket takers didn't even look into my bag.
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5.jpg First WTF? Why on earth are three or four rows of prime seats tarped over? "INSPIRE PLAYERS"? We can't even see them! On the ends at least eight rows are under wraps. This is totally insane. Pictures from the preseason games show these seats were not tarped off. Did they not sell these to season ticket holders? Who are they trying to fool?
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6.jpg Now I guess they can't get rid of the stage but why tables? Do they actually sell these?
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7.jpg Of course the seats are uncomfortable plastic lawn chairs. Nothing you can do about that.
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8.jpg This is cool. They have a guy with a mini hoop and basketball before the games. If you make a basket you win something. And since you're a mile off the court behind tarped seats, don't expect to win anything.
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9.jpg Hmmm, maybe these tables are the equivilent to our "box seats" so people can have birthday parties.
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10.jpg Sky Guy has a hoop...for you! Oh yeah!
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11.jpg Since the UIC Pavillion doesn't have much of a tunnel for the players to run down, they make one out of children.
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12.jpg I guess this means Stacey won't be playing tonight.
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13.jpg Like in Minneapolis, they send a player out before the game to pump everyone up.
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14.jpg There's our team! Right next to curtain and the uh stuff that appears to be in storage.
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15.jpg OK, now the light here is terrible. It's basically 20 mercury vapor cans hanging from the ceiling like at a CostCo. If I hadn't been a hundred feet away, I would have gotten some good shots.
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16.jpg And naturally the light is brightest in mid-court and rapidly fades near the basket where all the good stuff happens. This is typical of a college court.
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17.jpg But then you have the seats more brightly lit than court because they had incandescent flood lights around the perimeter of the court. WTF?
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22.jpg I swear Tiffani Johnson played really well in the second quarter.
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32.jpg Nikki thinks she had just made an incredible half court shot at the end of the half, as did we all. Except the refs, who called her for travelling.
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34.jpg With moves like that, Sue doesn't need that stupid mask any more.
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40.jpg BTW, all these empty courtside seats were supposedly "sold". At least they wouldn't sell them to me.
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42.jpg Sky Guy has a move...for you! Oh yeah!
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47.jpg Let's end with the fantastic lob pass to Sue. Right now Sue is still staggering around the backcourt after getting run over. LJ has destroyed the Sky's steal and fast break...
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48.jpg ...and lobs it to Sue who doesn't have a soul within twenty feet of her.